Principal - Unitek Benchmark

Miyachi Unitek offers a complete line of resistance welding based systems including projection and rotary welders, hermetic seam sealing systems, and lid placement and tacking systems.

The company also provides atmospheric enclosures (gloveboxes and dryboxes) for hermetic sealing applications.

Because Miyachi Unitek designs and manufactures both the power supply and the hermetic sealing system / glovebox, you are assured that the motion, power supply, software, and tooling will work properly and are integrated into a whole that supports your desired process flow. your desired process flow.

Seam Sealing System - AF8500

Unitek BenchmarkThe Autoflow system is flexible enough to meet the ever-increasing demands of lid placement and seam sealing applications as seen in the optoelectronic packaging industry.

It can be configured either as a stand-alone unit or as part of a fully integrated automated manufacturing line. The computer-controlled precision tacking and seam-sealing mechanism is combined with a high frequency inverter welding power supply and an optional high resolution vision system to provide a robust and repeatable process. 

Autoflow can also be incorporated into an atmospheric enclosure to provide an integrated seam sealing glovebox system, insuring high yield hermetic sealing results.

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