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Small Precision Tools (SPT) is a progressive high-technology tool manufacturer using state-of-the art processes. Their equipment and manufacturing techniques are the most advanced in the ultra precision tool industry.

All tools meet the high precision dimensional and quality standards maintained by Small Precision Tools. Because, every customer's needs are different, every solution is uniquely designed to satisfy those needs in the most effective way.

SPT offers a wide range of proactive support and services such as consulting, design, analysis, training seminars and benchmarking partnerships. They are committed to provide R&D resources needed to satisfy and meet continuous product innovation.

SU Capillary for Copper Wire Bonding

Small Precision ToolsIn the copper wire bonding process, bond integrity at the interface between the stitch and leaded or laminate surface is measured by using a wire pull tester. The bonded wire is pulled as close as possible to the stitch, and the pull test strength reading (in gram-force) is taken. Expectedly, the higher pull test strength value is desired, and a remaining stitch failure mode is indicative of a good bond at the interface.

Table A- shows the stitch bond superiority of the SU capillary as the stitch pull test reading is significantly better compared with other capillary finishing types using the same wire bonding parameters, package and device, and copper wire size.

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