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SIKAMA's innovative line of reflow soldering systems includes both straight conduction systems and SIKAMA's patented Conduction+Convection furnaces. Their conduction technology keeps the heat where it belongs in reflow, on the bottom side of the components.

Taking reflow soldering technology a step further, SIKAMA has pioneered and patented Conduction+Convection reflow systems. They have combined their proven conduction heat transfer technology with top side convection via a heat manifold to hold edge-to-edge temperature variations to a minimum.

Falcon 5C MultiPurpose System

SikamaThis full-featured Conduction+Convection table top machine produces big results, and gives you exceptional value for your reflow dollar.

Our patented design for balanced heating and cooling means low cost operations on production runs of substrates up to 5" by 5.75", and the 5C's 400° C maximum heat will handle fluxless gold tin reflow, singulated ball reflow of BGA's, fixtured double-sided boards, large microwave components, and various substrate materials.

With conductive heating from below, convection heating from above, and precise temperature calibration and atmospheric purity, you get total control of your reflow work.

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