Control Micro Systems

Established in 1983, Control Micro Systems is an industry leading provider of turnkey industrial laser marking systems (including part handling and vision) for solving unique manufacturing material processing challenges. Our engineers are among the brightest in the laser industry and keep Control Micro Systems on the leading edge of turnkey solutions designed to meet specific production demands.

A laser technology integrator specializing in the development of manufacturing solutions addressing each customers unique requirements. With over 26 years experience, CMS is the leader in laser systems.

Centrotherm Technologies and Solutions

Centrotherm is a world Leading Supplier for vacuum and pressure furnaces for vacuum soldering, brazing and sealing for microelectronics packages and components. The VLO system platform covers a wide range of applications from R&D processing to high-volume production. The centrotherm Vacunite contact heat system platform covers a wide range of thermal vacuum applications from process performance based R&D processing up to high volume production.

F&S Bondtec

F&S Bondtec Austria serves the desktop equipment segment and supplies the most complete program worldwide for bonding and testing equipment.

The wire bonders from F&S Bondtec are flexible in their application and testify to the highest quality. Thanks to years of experience and proven technologies, the wire bonders of F&S Bondtec are always able to meet the high demands of its customers.

For many years, the company has been characterized by its innovative strength and customer orientation. The wire bonders from F&S Bondtec offer the best quality and an unbeatable price-performance ratio. Characteristic of all our wire bonders are quick and easy changeable bondheads to support all necessary bonding processes.

Equally important is an intuitive software that optimally supports the bonding process and thus enables the best possible result.

Jabil Chad Automation

Jabil Chad Automation is a leading force in the field of automation equipment design and manufacturing. Backed by over 40 years in the automation industry and their manufacturing resources worldwide, their team has developed equipment for some of the most high profile companies in the world.

CHAD Industries designs and manufactures automation for Odd Form Circuit Board Assembly, Semiconductor Wafer Handling, Solar Cell Automation, Life Sciences, Disk Drive, Data Storage and Custom Manufacturing Solutions.

For over 30 years, CHAD has supplied modular, flexible, productive and reliable systems with one goal in mind: Design and build quality solutions that make its customers more competitive in the world market.

Midas Technology, Inc

Midas Technology, Inc. was founded in 1986 for the purpose of developing an industry wide need for non-destructively removing lids from sealed packages so they could be resealed in original condition.

From the very beginning, their machines were developed in close consultation with prospective users, and designed to meet or exceed US military standards for rework processes. Midas Technology, Inc. offers several different model de-liddersTM and a hot gas rework system.

Non-destructively removes lids from sealed hermetic packages and safely removes attached components from populated substrates.

NorCom Systems, Inc.

NorCom Systems Inc. offers automated leak test solutions for hermetically sealed devices to the microelectronic, defense, and medical industries. Optical Leak Testing is an advanced leak test technology incorporating a sensitive full field interferometer that allows the user to inspect for gross and fine leaks simultaneously. The technique eliminates the long pressure bombing and the gas absorption issues typical of Helium Mass Spectroscopy and Krypton 85. OLT also eliminates the problems associated with gross leak testing using fluorocarbons or red dyes.

SIKAMA International

Sikama’s innovative line of SMT Reflow Soldering Ovens include both straight conduction systems and Sikama’s patented Conduction + Convection Ovens. Many of our systems are available with liquid cooling and optional software control for both data logging and remote operation, as well as an optional speed/time dwell mode. Our Sweeper Bar technology allows you to integrate our systems into automated production lines with our optional loading and off-loading accessories. The atmospheric control features found on many of our systems ensure quality bonding in an inert gas environment.

Sikama’s Falcon and Ultra Profile Series are the best in the business, but our commitment does not end with the sale. We back our equipment with a one year full service warranty and make our expertise available to you, in helping make your operation be as effective as possible. We welcome customer feedback and help each of our customers configure their systems to provide maximum efficiency.